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Acquire image SPIRAL

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Name Acquire image SPIRAL
Category Other Data Acquisition
Language SerialEM Scripting
Description Instead create a grid of points for a continuous carbon grid, typical for negative staining projects, this script only needs one point in the center of the square. The map of the whole grid is more than enough. It will then, after correcting for eucentricity and focus, go on to take spiral pictures by moving the stage. Focus will be corrected along the acquisition and well as beamcentering if requested.
Author Francisco Javier Chichón

Version History

Version 1.1


Upload date October 07, 2022
Download count 66
SerialEM version ≥ 3.9



# Between 1 and the max number of steps...
# For each level: advance(level times), rotate(90 degrees), advance(level times), rotate(90 degrees)
# (go to)
# >x------xv (turn 90º)
# |
# | (go to)
# |


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