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Jensen lab FISE

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Name Jensen lab FISE
Category Tomography
Language SerialEM Scripting
Description Acquire a tilt-series using the FISE method
Author Georges Chreifi
Website link

Version History

Version 1


This script requires additional scripts to be run – please refer to the Required Scripts section below.

Upload date May 19, 2020
Download count 277
SerialEM version ≥ 3.8


Required Scripts

The following scripts are required to run this script, either because the are called directly or they provide functions:

Related Scripts

The following scripts provide a similar or related functionality, but are not required to run this script:


1) Insert all 3 related/required scripts into serialEM.
2) Add targets to the Navigator. The first target picked in each map will be a calibration tilt-series.
3) In the FISE script, adjust user inputs according to your project.
4) Enable dose fractionation and set the correct frame rate for the Record parameter.
5) Choose a working directory and file name to save the frames.
6) Adjust file properties. Recommended file properties: unnormalized TIF with LZW compression.
7) Run FISE script. To batch collect, acquire nav items and run FISE script as primary task.

Note: Working directory must contain the ArrayTilt_angles.txt and ArrayTilt_defoci.txt for the script to work correctly!


This code can be shared and adapted under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License (